PO Splitting

Splitting Purchase line in AX:
Suppose we are purchasing one item with 10 qty.At the time of receiving the the item we should consider each qty as one asset.So before doing the GRN we should split the item and post the GRN.So 10 assets will be created in the fixed asset table.

Here we go.

Add one butten in Purch table form in line level.In click method of the button add below code.

void clicked()

PurchLine purchlinelocal;
int i = 1;
purchlinelocal.PurchQty = 1;
purchlinelocal.QtyOrdered = 1;
purchlinelocal.CurrencyCode = purchline.CurrencyCode;
purchlinelocal.PurchPrice = purchLine.PurchPrice;
purchlinelocal.InventDimId = purchLine.InventDimId;
purchlinelocal.PurchReqId = purchline.PurchReqId;
purchlinelocal.PurchReqLineRefId = purchline.PurchReqLineRefId;
purchlinelocal.PurchStatus = purchtable.PurchStatus;
purchlinelocal.LineDisc = purchline.LineDisc;
purchlinelocal.LineAmount = purchlinelocal.PurchPrice – purchlinelocal.LineDisc;
purchlinelocal.AssessableValue_IN = purchlinelocal.LineAmount + ((purchlinelocal.LineAmount *1)/100);


2 thoughts on “PO Splitting

  1. Hi Sanju,

    This solution was almost the exact one I was looking for. How much of a change above code require if I have to give the user the decision to select the quantity he want’s to split? Is it simple enough to be done within couple of hours?

  2. Can you please elaborate? Customizing the above one will not take much time.
    Above code:
    If PO line has 10 qty – At the time of splitting 10 PO lines will be created with 1 qty.

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